A new day! Entry #2

I’m up early! Truthfully I slept in because it’s 5:03am and I’ve only but up almost an hour. You see as of late I’ve been waking up probably 3am on my days off. However there is a reason for that I work nights so my internal clock I think is just all screwed up. No biggie though gives me sometime to recollect about anything that ponders my mind. Or I just watch king of the hill reruns until my babe wakes up, and I hear a low pitch hey babe from the bedroom doorway.

My husband is cute , funny ,sweet ,loving and makes me smile. I thank God for having the support system that I have going thru kidney disease which is why I bring him up. It’s hard on your spouse ,boyfriend or girlfriend to see you going thru the things we go thru. My husband does whatever I need him to do he’s been there thru it all even before we were married. I really do try to tell him how must I appreciate him because he deals with a lot as well. Shout out to my baby for being the best. Love you .

My fingers are swollen like little sausages. I can’t budge my wedding ring to come off at all. Mean while my stomachs been feeling pretty bad and I have a headache pretty frequently. I do have to admit my diet has suffered lately and that is my fault. The last couple weeks I been feeling tired so I been slacking. I’m going to commit to doing better this week. When I eat better I feel better so that really is very important with kidney disease..

Lastly , I’ve been looking up dialysis clinics near me ,and plan to get a tour of a couple. I’ve seen one before but it was over 14 years ago and I didn’t even end up going. I’m sure it has not changed much but, I just want to see everything going on , and just see what it’s like. I think about the time I will have to spend there is like a part time job. I’m sure I would get to know those folks very well. I’m also shy so there’s that as well. I’m one of those people who never really grew out of being shy as a kid. Not going to get into that though that’s a completely different blog with a big grand story by itself. That’s all for me today. Peace!


Road to dialysis entry #1

Hi, my name is Lynn. I’m in my 30’s married for 5 years to an awesome guy. No kids no pets. Praying for kids , looking for the perfect pet. I was on the epo shot a few months ago my level stabilized and they took me off. However my transplanted kidney is on its last leg. Dialysis is in the near future. The first time I received a kidney I waited on the list for a year and half before I received my kidney. I was able to hold off on getting dialysis or even an access placed , I received my kidney just in time. That was 13 years ago. Today my kidney has slowly gotten worse over the years and here I am with my hemodialysis access buzzing away in my arm reminding me everyday that dialysis is coming.

I’m really scared to death and for some reason the last couple of days have not been good days, I’m tired again and just feeling yucky. The itching oh the itching , I limit my protein and potassium eat a lot of green and it seems to help. Insomnia plagues me and I’ve missed the last few days of work. My doctor says I’m at about 15%. He says I’m at cross roads of sorts I could start dialysis any day now. He says it’s really about how I’m feeling. Dialysis will change my life 3 days a week I have report to machine just to live….